How to make a distance fading spray

Reset tf2 settings to default and update them in steam cloud Ask Question.

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How can I get TF2's default settings back? And how can I make steam cloud reflect the settings I decide on?

How to Import your Sprays into Team Fortress 2! (Mac)

ThorSummoner ThorSummoner 6. It will not reset your achievements or playtime stats. Remove anything in the "custom" folder Don't remove the whole folder, just anything inside it 4. Start TF2 At this point everything will reset to default. Why is it necessary to temporarily disable cloud sync?

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ReedDunkle your configs and settings are saved to the Steam cloud, I believe it's because if they aren't present on startup say, from a fresh install it will auto-download them from the cloud. If you have custom content in TF2, whether it be a different hitsound, model replacements, custom configs, these will ultimately all be located in this path folder: Unfortunately I'm not too sure how Steam Backups work with custom content.

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How to import GIF sprays on tf2 (Mac) :: Team Fortress 2 General Discussions

Guide Index. Side notes. This is a simple walkthough, on how to put import images to use as sprays in the game. Go on Google, and find a image, although, make sure it's not too big or too small, avarage sprays should work.

What's your TF2 spray?

Please note, this doesn't necessary matter, just make sure you know where the image is stored. Launch Gmod.

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  • Go to the options then click multiplayer. Click on import spray. Bottom left hand corner of the options menu. Go and find your picture: Open it or double click it. Your done.

    Help with installing Sprays

    Go to any multiplayer server and find a wall, press "Whatever you binded to spray, just look at the control menu, if you're unaware" and your spray will come up for everyone to have a look at it. It really doesn't matter where you put the image just make sure it's somewhere you can find it. Any sprays which are not acceptable Porn, Brutal images, etc.