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Published and distributed by Aspyr Media, Inc. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Simply download the mod again, and your progress can continue. This game was so cheap that I had to give it a try, despite the poor reviews. For those that are complaining about graphical quality, that needs to be adjusted accordingly in game.

Despite my more-than-adequate system, the game defaulted to a lesser resolution.

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Once corrected, my system has no trouble playing the game at P with all the quality settings maxed out. Thanks for the memories and another reason not to dual boot!

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I was weary to download this because of the price and the repeated reviews saying that the game would not launch. My greatest fear came true when I attempted to launch for the first time and it failed. However, by going into the game settings from the launch window, if you select one of the different aspect ratios for your screen, the game will launch and run just fine. As for the game itself, it is a timeless city running simulation.

SimCity is a classic game that is certainly worth the high price. Additionally, it is worth noting that many of the major glitches I had encountered playing this game as a child seem to be corrected. I've contacted apple to see if they could give me a code to redeem on Steam, or open access to the DLC. No response, though its been a week.

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Sorry to hear that, did you buy the game under the assumption that you would have access to the items? You may be eligible to a refund provided you purchased it recently you mention a week though this will be at Apple's discretion and probably depends on the description the publisher has provided. There's every chance they won't, but it's certainly worth a try.

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Let's play the Sims 2 super collection on mac

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Bought Wargame and Total war from the App Store. Now I can't access and DLC, no new maps, units or any of the fun items. Hi Guy, Sorry to hear that, did you buy the game under the assumption that you would have access to the items?

You can even add a pool or basement! Explore Vibrant Worlds Travel between worlds, explore unique neighborhoods, and discover interesting venues. Your Sims can visit new communities to expand their social circle, hangout with friends in parks, or find and collect fun new objects. Your choices shape every aspect of their lives from birth, to being a toddler, and into adulthood. Add New Experiences The all-new Gallery gives you the power to discover amazing community content to add to your game, or share your own creations with the world.

EA's 'The Sims 4' Now Available for Mac

Download, like, and comment on your favorite Sims, complete homes, and fully designed rooms. Supported Video Cards: DirectX 9. Internet connection required for product activation. Intel Core 2 Duo 2. Add to wishlist. You can check out in your preferred language, but please note all correspondence we send you will be in the Origin store's default language for your region. Sales tax may apply for your region.

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